Walla Walla FY18 Employees of the Quarter-2nd Quarter

Team Walla Walla,

Please join me in congratulating Paul Shampine (HQ) and Charley Higgins (Field) as the Employees of the Quarter, Q2 2018.

Paul Shampine (HQ): This quarter Shampine demonstrated his many skills, knowledge attention to detail, tenacity, diplomacy, and the perseverance which set him distinctly apart as a Realty Specialist. Working with private entities and corporations, local, state, and other Federal government agencies as lessees in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires all of these and more.  At a critical juncture for the future of the City of Pasco’s boat basin, Shampine pulled together staff from Walla Walla and Seattle Disticts to work through the challenging process of getting this important project done.  This was just one of the real estate actions he worked in Q2; others included a project approval for Bonneville Power Administration, the restoration plan approval for a major encroachment in the City of Richland, the initiation of 9 new projects on McNary, including up to six new utility easements to be relocated to the new Duportail Bridge.


Charley Higgins (Field): Charley Higgins has been Lower Granite’s (LGR) electrical worker in charge for more than six years. He has provided continuous and outstanding support to the Project during that time. This past quarter he was the lead on finishing up the installations of new hydroelectric design center (HDC) approved digital pressure switches for LGR’s unit governor pumps. Planning started more than two years ago with shared ideas then designs, recently approved by HDC. While unit 1 was unstacked he installed the first complete system, along with detailed as built drawings. This was used to provide a template for the crew to reference for other unit installations.  There was a short window to complete the installations and it was Higgins’ daily involvement, follow up, planning, leadership, and guidance to the crews that made this a successful installation within such a short installation window. Without his help this project would have no doubt had to be extended into the next year and require additional outages.


Paul and Charley were selected from a strong pool of nominees and are reflective of the great work you all do.  Again, congratulations to both of them on their selection.



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