FY18 Employees of the Quarter- 3rd Quarter

Please join me in congratulating Maryanne Duncan and John Chatfield as our Employees of the Quarter.


HQ:  Maryanne Duncan is a Budget Analyst in Third Floor Operations.  She is dedicated to her duties, her fellow employees, the mission, and USACE. She consistently and proactively identifies potential issues and has the communication skills and technical acumen to solve them before they become bigger problems. Maryanne recently took on a developmental assignment as the Budget Analyst for Third Floor Operations, Lucky Peak, and Mill Creek. She quickly learned the new duties and started to identify areas that were in need of improvement, Maryanne is a proven performer and an asset to any position or organization she works for.


Field: As the O&M manager for Dworshak, John Chatfield was instrumental in determining the source of an intermittent oil sheen on unit start-up that was ultimately found inside a heat exchanger for the turbine guide bearing on Unit #1. Through John’s leadership, personnel installed a different temporary heat exchanger that could be used to return the unit to service and generate power while a new heat exchanger was procured. John has also been extremely influential this quarter working with a contractor on unit #3 which has been undergoing extensive rehab the past 21 months. John’s attention to detail, coordination of on-site work, and holding the contractor accountable has definitely assisted keeping this extremely important project on schedule.

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